About KSC

Keystone Saddle Club was founded in the mid to late 50's,
though we cannot come up with an exact date.  Some of the
original founders were: Neil Roth, Ross Miller, Bill Greer, Darryl Pancher, Bill Heddleson, Paul Ditcher, Bud Poole, John Aldergate, Jr Williams, Jim Singer, Flip Lamb, and Bill Baker.  The club was formed by a few families that wanted to gather together to enjoy their common interest in horses, trail riding, square dancing, and eventually putting on horse shows.  Their meetings were held at Thornwood Park Shelter in Dennison.  The first property used for a show grounds was along the river between Urichsville and Tusky.  They were allowed to use this property, that belonged to Delmer Bear.  The group also gathered for evening trail rides to Camp Tippecannoe, among other places.  They would arrive at their camp and the women would set up a buffet stye dinner.  After dinner, they would do square dancing, which was taken very seriously.  The women made beautiful dresses with layers of crenlens and the men wore shirts that matched the dresses.  Music for the square dancing was provided by a group called the Star Promanaders.  After the dance, the riders would spend the night at camp and ride home the following day.  The next property used by the club was purchased in 1966 and was located on Deersville Avenue in Urichsville.  The club was never able to use this property because it was so wet.  After 4 years, the state bought this property to widen State Route 800, so the club got their money back, which allowed them to purchase the property we use today.  The property at Newport was purchased for $2,500 from Paul Mishler.  The arena we use today was set up to be used for cattle roping and cattle shuts were set up at the far end.  This is why the arena is as big as it is today.  After a few years, members lost interest in cattle roping and Keystone joined the Muskingum Horse Association and began putting on pleasure and contest shows.  The current eat stand and announcer's booth were constructed in 1971.  We are still looking for more information on the club's history.  If anyone has any more information on the history of the club, please get in touch with Mindy Miller.

All KSC members who show and meet our requirements are eligible for our year-end awards! Become a member today! 

In case you are wondering if a meeting or a show at KSC might be cancelled, check this website or our facebook page.  We are hoping this is an efficient way to keep all of our members up to the minute. Thanks!

Directions to Keystone Saddle Club Arena

Take Trenton Ave to caution light. Turn Right onto Newport Ave. (county road 28), go approx. 1 mile and turn right onto Blizzard Ridge Road. Go 1 mile and turn left onto Clay City Dr. The show grounds are on the left.
5695 Clay City Drive SE
Uhrichsville OH 44683-7524​

Keystone Saddle Club has been approved as a host organization for the Open Event Incentive Program of the Arabian Horse Association. This means that program members will be able to earn points at our open shows, earning prizes for themselves and a permanent show record for their Arabian and Half-Arabian horses. The only thing we ask of you is to retain show records for one year so that we may verify a horse and rider's placement if necessary. 

Keystone Saddle Club has also been PAC approved for American Paint Horses. More information and forms can be found at: http://www.apha.com/pac/index.html